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re: Guild Rules

We use the in-game calendar to schedule our raids, the target for the raid will be decided on at raid invite time depending on the team we have available.
    * We raid on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.
    * Raids invites are at 7:45 GT, raid start 8:00 GT, raids can run up to 11 GT.
In order to maintain your member rank you need to meet the following requirements:
    * 70% or more raid attendance. Excluding pre-notified absence, holidays etc. People below 70% attendance will NOT have priority on loot.
    * Good knowledge of boss tactics up to and including 3 bosses ahead of our current progression.
    * Keep up to date with changes to your class and game mechanics.
    * Performing your role within a raid well, without issue or frequent mistakes.
    * Turning up to a raid prepared with consumables to last the night.
    * Improving your gear, this includes getting crafted items made and using the best enchants and gems available.
    * Clear communication with the raid, via in game chat, and Vent when required.
    * A stable and reliable internet connection.
    * An authenticator linked to your account.
We use a DKP system to fairly assign loot. The DKP system is stored on our website available for you to access at any time and is updated after each raid. We use a percentage looting system. Each loot item has a percentage value. Winning players pays the percentage value of their current DKP. Highest percentage paid DKP wins, if two or more people have the same DKP % the item will be rolled for, excluding trial players.

DKP is reset when a new tier of raiding is released.
200dkp+0,5x"Possition in table". So the last member will have 200 dkp and the first one approximately 240 dkp.

Gaining DKP
    * 10 DKP for being on time for a raid.
    * 10 DKP for being in the raid at the completion of the raid.
    * 4 DKP per 20 minutes spent in a raid, including sitouts.
    * 20 DKP for a new boss kill, including sitouts.
    * 5/10/15 DKP star bonus for being awesome.
Spending DKP
    * 30% of DKP for Head, Chest, Legs, Shoulder, Hand, Trinket, 2H Weapon & Ranged.
    * 20% of DKP for Neck, Back, Wrist, Ring, Waist & Feet.
    * 15% of DKP for 1H weapon, 2H Weapon (Titan Grip Warrior) & Off-hand.
    * 5% of DKP for raid dropped crafting materials

Sidegrades cost 0 dkp but to be eligible for a side grade you must have an item of same item tier level (normal/normal thunderforged) already.

If more than one wants it for sidegrade but none wants to pay full price it will be decided by a roll.

Offspec loot is not charged, but will be awarded to the person officers feel will benefit the guild the most.

Loot Priorites
1. Member MS
2. Trial MS
3. Member Sidegrade
4. Trial Sidegrade
5. Offspec (Officers decision)

DKP Penalties

You will be charged the below DKP penalty for the listed offences.
    * -10/25/50 DKP for carelessly or deliberately hindering or endangering the progress of a raid.
    * -100% for emo quiting the guild or demotion to social.
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