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Valkyrie is a level 25 alliance guild on the server Frostmane EU. It was formed the 12th July 2009 by a group of experienced players looking to create a strong 25 man PVE raiding guild while maintaining a social atmosphere outside of raiding hours.

We raid on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 7:45 GT to 11:00 GT, providing a fun and organised raid environment. We require our members to attend on average 3 of the 4 raids per week bringing their character fully prepared from consumables to gear, along with good knowledge of boss tactics and a stable internet connection. On progression encounters members will be aided with repairs and consumables by the guild bank.

Interested? Read our guild rules and make an application by following the link on the left to ''Apply to Valkyrie'' or you can just click HERE.

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Taking a break for now.

by Thalsi, 32 days ago

As it's been said. With people being burnt out with the current tier of raiding we've decided to take a break as a 25man guild until WoD when we will hopefully go back to Mythic (20man). While I know this really sucks, we thought it would be the best decision given the current circumstances. If you want to leave to find another guild then by all means do so there will be no hard feelings at all. If you want too stick around and try some 10mans or have a break from WoW all together until WoD release then that's cool too. We will try to rebuild for WoD the best we can and continue. Hopefully I will see most of you around in WoD one way or another. Thanks for everything folks.


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Valkyrie Kill Video Catalogue - New vids DS, Thok, Galakras

by sharinganz1, 48 days ago

Hey guys we'll be compiling all the kill videos into a single playlist on YouTube, i'll edit this first header when a new video drops in so you can check it out, the playlist is below or at the address

Latest video added - Spoils of Pandaria more to come soon.

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Siegecrafter Blackfuse

by Thalsi, 77 days ago



Well done all, First of the tough bosses down, Let's move onto Klaxxi and then onto the final boss of the expansion!

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